It’s Been Awhile. But WE’RE BACK!

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Truth in Chaos is Backkkk. Still riding with us? Let us know by resubscribing here (Only those who resubscribe will receive further emails and communication).

Hey! This is Keilah, Founder of Truth in Chaos. I wanted to take this time to share with you what we are up to in the future! To keep in the know for the future, you must stay connected by clicking here. 

  • We’re producing new content that’s real, raw, relevant and relatable to help this generation DISCOVER their identity in God and to NOT CONFORM to the patterns of this world and society!
  • We’re Spirit-Bred and Spirit-Led! Within the past two years, I discovered the power of the Holy Spirit. Not just, “The Father, Son and The Holy Spirit” or speaking in tongues, but the power that Jesus told His disciples about that He was leaving for us that WAS MORE POWERFUL AND GREATER THAN JESUS HIMSELF… Whoah is right! I’ve witnessed this power of the Holy Spirit perform miracles for my life and those around me and perform signs and wonders, minister to “perfect” and imperfect people. THIS IS THE LORD’S PRESENCE IN US! This means that by being apart of Truth in Chaos, one day we may be prophesying to our collective about what God is speaking through us that can help encourage you on your personal journey.
  • The only way to stay connected with us in the future is to resubscribe to our emails here and follow us on our social media outlets: YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
  • Personally, I am ready to see my generation (including me!) to discover and awaken and embrace our full potential.
  • We will be partnering with organizations, media sponsors and companies.
  • We are touring the country very soon with the message and Word the Lord has placed in my Spirit for this generation. Check more about that, here: and let me know if you’d like to partner/volunteer.
  • Recently, I moved from Atlanta to New York, which means so did the Truth in Chaos office and productions!
  • We are working on purchasing/renting a project called the Restoration House. This house has been in prayer for almost three years! The building and structural meaning of this home is to provide a safe space for Christians to be cultivated in their matriculation in purpose through cowork space, Christian living areas as well as a retreat center inside the Restoration House.

We are so ready and excited for what God has in store for us. Please keep this ministry in your heart and prayers! For we know our weapons are not carnal but they are mighty through God to pull down strongholds.
Stand in prayer with us for this ministry!!!

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Love you! Speak with you soon! Have a friend who’s supposed to be on this journey with us? Share this message with them! They can start receiving these emails by sharing their info here.

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